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How Chompboards Came To Be...

What's the story?

In the summer of 2014 while browsing the Internet we stumbled across a few US based sellers who were crafting some amazing handmade gifts including 'personalized' (excuse the deliberate American spelling) chopping boards & wooden wine bottle gift boxes.

We quickly realised when it came to ordering that there was very limited choice and some variations on quality in the UK at the time, and postage from the US was crazy money! It was at this point we realised there was a gap in the market for a UK seller of high quality personalised chopping boards, the concept for Chomp Boards was born.

Ok, not quite & here's why..... Originally we'd planned to call ourselves Noshboards, in no time we had registered the domain, made the logo and threw the website up. Only when it came to registering the company did we discover a kitchen utensils manufacturer with a very similar name! To avoid problems with this in future we decided to rename and Chomp Boards really was born!

We'd love to tell you we created Chompboards with the intention of doing something really noble such as donating half our profits to a charity that provides free back massages to pot-bellied pigs - but that simply wouldn't be true. We do intend to do more charity work in future once we are more established. The reality is we thought it would be a fun business to run as a family, and it is.

It didn't take long however before we started getting happy customers send in reviews such as these:

Paul Hiles "Fantastic service, quick postage and a truely personal gift. It will be the highlight of our kitchen. Many thanks"

Gordan Stenhouse "Bought two boards as gifts and they are fabulous. Great quality with a personal feel. Highly recommend that you all buy these!!!"

So purely by accident we found we were delivering happiness in the form of little parcels sent via the post, and we love it! So that's why we do what we do, it's so exciting each time we receive a review like this, please keep sending them in!!

Here's one more from Kathryn Maidment that we liked "I love my chomp board it is so lovely to get such a useful personalised gift and it will look fab in my kitchen - thank you".

So you know about us, why are you here?

Are you here to look for that special gift for that person who has everything?

Perhaps you're here because you have simply had enough of that uninspiring chopping board that you keep hiding away and it's time for something new and exciting in your life that you can be proud to show your friends!?

Maybe you just wanted a chance to win a personalised chopping board? One random person each month who likes the Chompboards Facebook Page is randomly choosen to win a Personalised Chopping Board.

Whatever your reason, we know we can help.

Not just another chopping board company.

We craft unique, interesting & functional art installations for your kitchen which will make a great talking point - ok we'll admit it, they are really just chopping boards but we love making them and they really do add a little charm to the room everyone says is the heart of the home!

If you don't see what you are looking for or have a large order, please get in touch, we've done many custom pieces such as signs, pens, coasters, placemats, slate wedding table plans & memorial plaques and are sure we can make something extra special for you.

Want to know more...

Swing by our blog where we are regularly posting updates on new products, recipes and other interesting articles we think you'll like.


Jason & Kate

Chompboards - Saving the world from boring chopping boards!

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